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Available virtually for adults in the state of California


At The Feeling Good Institute we use a method call TEAM-CBT, a model of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that helps clients see results by identifying patterns that are no longer working for them and utilizing skills and tools to challenge them. It is structured, solution focused, collaborative and best of all- measurable. I also incorporate other modalities such as DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), Motivational Interviewing, Social-Rhythm Therapy, and Positive Psychotherapy. If holistic lifestyle medicine is of interest to you, I also have some knowledge in the realm of Nutritional Psychology we can discuss. 


Available virtually for couples and families of all arrangements in California.

I value helping couples navigate a major life event or shift like pregnancy, illness, the stress of losing a job, the decision to marry, or to separate and any other event that can strain connection and intimacy and destabilize the relationship. I also enjoy helping families to come together to develop a new way of being.

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